How to smooth down our props


I’m wondering if somebody has a good advice which filler and topcoat we can use for having a nice and smooth PLA prop.

Lots of sanding. Gradually reducing grit size. Then polish with toothpaste for a super smooth finish. I also balanced my prop with an RC prop balancer.
I hope this helps.

Sand then epoxycoat with brush :slight_smile: also works well

I use super cheap automotive primer. It has a powder that fills the gaps well. But its not structural, you need paint and clear coat over it. Easyier than epoxy. It dries in 5 min.

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Thanks. I have found this one:

The guys in the reviews are saying that they use it for 3d prints.

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superglue and activator

Little sanding, if PLA clean with a rag and Acetone, then 2 layer of epoxy, the second before the first is totally cured. Put the prop first LE down and then LE up to avoid dripping build up only on one side. The next day you can sand it. No need to polish, 800 or 1000 is enought