How to turn on vesc6

Hello I was wondering if my esc even works. I put it to dc source 31V and it draws only 0.02A, and I cant get it detected on laptop with vesc software. I am running it without motors, just to test if everything works. Do I have to use jumper cables anywhere?

Thank you

I have measured the voltage from 3v output and the power is there, so that means vesc is on. The problem is my computer doesnt reconize anything (I have tried on other computers too). Do you think I need receiver or the motor connector in order to use vesc program?

Br Luka

Did you try another Usb cable?

Yes I tried a lot of cables and diffrent PCs, none of them even reconize I pluged the cable in…

(solved) When my esc came in mail the small 3wire cable was disconnected so that why it wasnt working!
Thank you

What is the purpose of the small three-wire cable and what controller model do you have?

I use Flispky fsesc 6 60V200A!
The purpuse of 3-wire small cable is to transfer data from potted pcb to white connector box that all the wires go in. So basicly I was pluging in empty port, no cables attached to port.

Happy thats its working now!

The same regulator that you advised and which “no problems with it works as charm”?

Yes that was normal flipsky without watercoolling, only pc, things are diffrent there. Do I have a feeling that you are trying to have some problems with me or something?

The situation in which you advise the regulator to buy, and after some time ask for advice on turning it on, seems rather ridiculous to me.

Yes I advice it since I know a lot of people on the forum that are using it and dont complain. Its not just this, you are searching for problems in my other threads too! Act mature!

I proceed from the fact that in order to advise something you need to have a level of competence other than zero.
If my kettle does not turn on, I will not run to the forum with questions, but first check if my power cable is plugged into the outlet. That’s what it’s like to act maturely.

Bro I am just a high school student! Can you make sure to take care of your self not me! You dont have to read my threads, there a lot of people here that want to help not somebody like you it looks like!

Remember that you are a schoolboy every time you decide to take advice. Our dialogue is over.