HT's First Build In Austria

Thanks for all the members sharing their build experience, knowledge and expertise. I have put in the read time and have started my build this past week.

Board- SUP Blank from (the blank I ordered is out of stock) Viral Surf Surfboard making supplies [blanks, resins, tools, futures fins...] - VIRAL SURF
Motor- Maytech 65162 120kv
ESC- Trampa VESC 75/300 VESC 75V 300A Black Anodised Non Conductive CNC housing
Fiberglass Materials- HP Textiles
Batteries- Samsung 18650 30Q in 12s14p config
Remote- Maytech

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SUP blank

Shaping the board

Gong Galaxy US Box mast clamp looks good.

I trimmed the ends of the US Box to fit up my stiffeners

Multi Axial fiberglass base for mast box

Mast box in place with stiffeners epoxied in

Vaccum Bagging

I laminated five layers of multi axial fiberglass to use as stiffener material and the lids to my battery boxes.

Vacuum Pump I bought on its a Becker U 3.6 S and I only paid 40 Euros!

Here you can see the multi axial fiberglass plate I made. I cut pieces from it as needed. It is approximately 5mm thick.

Sizing up a layer of fiber glass. It will run the whole length of the board as a tie in stiffener.

Sanded out a shallow channel for the glass to be flush with the rest of the board.

Epoxied the glass in and faired it with some filler. Lots of sanding later and then ready for final layers of finish glass.

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Here I made a mock up of the battery pack box with the aluminum ESC electronic box. %product-title% kaufen

Layout is complete start the cuts.

I made the board 170cm long it will be a beginners board!


Pre cut layers of fiberglass for box

Vacuum bagging complete

Setting up the epoxy in the sun for the final cure


Very good component choices! Would recommend you to go 14s12p instead, since then the 6” FR prop will be perfect match. Also to keep battery amps down.

My first batt pack is the 12s14p. The original ESC I was going to use was the flipsky 200A 60V. If it ever shows up. :pray:t4: I hope I can get my hands on the FR prop. Do you know if the are available?

Hello Wushbush, where in Austria are you located?

I have my two 6s14p packs almost completely spot welded. Does any body have suggestions of how to best attach the positive and negative leads?


Solder to Ni-strip before going at it with the K-weld


Can you give me the link to those nickel strips?

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Making some progress.

Fiber glassed the bottom

Vacuum bagging

First charge.

First motor testing

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First test with my setup. What a great feeling to get this far. :call_me_hand:t4:


Fitting the motor to the mast, must drill holes

All fitted

Used strings to snake wires through mast

I made two wooden battery boxes and covered in fiberglass

I bought one 12v 1000w power supply to power two ISDT Q8 balance chargers. I am able to charge my batteries using 10amps and 250watts.

An old Makita drill case I have repurposed as a battery storage box.

Battery storage

Battery Box

Battery boxes fit inside te board barely.

Still a lot of work to do!

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You should have bought higher voltage power supply for your charger. You will not max it out with 12v. I have 36v 1000watt supply for my isdt t8 and can charge 6s pack with 30amps. I think the q8 can only handle 34volt max. You should try a 24v power supply or if available higher


Hey Ack, Yes I was disappointed to see a max out at 10 amps my first thought was to get another power supply and put them in series. I definitely can use more power…

what is the nickels thickness? make sure it can carry max intended current with no heat .You always can weld another strip on top of first one

The nickel strips are .15mm and are doubled up on every parallel length.

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Im back at it. I have found a source in Austria to order EPS foam blocks for a reasonable price. This is a EPS-W 30 180x100x30cm block. I will use this for my next two boards. If there is any interest in ordering a custom size block of foam send me a message.


Hi, I want to build a second board in the winter.
So I am interested.
Where you bought it?