Huge Wing - Less Power - Bixpy?

I’m wondering if the latest huge wings could open up opportunities for sustained very low speed flight for lighter riders (sub 170lbs) with existing low-power options already on the market.

For example, combining the huge Gong XXL Wing (which has a surface area of roughly 2,500cm) and the Bixpy Jet (30lbs of thrust). A Bixpy can power a SUP up to 6mph. I’ve read that huge wings can fly at less than 4-5mph, so in theory could this work or would the motor pod, cable, and foil create too much drag? Perhaps paddle and pumping assist to get it up on flying?

A saw a video recently of a Scuba Jet, 2000cm Wing, and 140lb rider having sustained flight for 15 minutes with just a little pumping here and there.

Could work, try it! :slight_smile:

Powered by a rechargeable 25.9 V lithium-ion battery (333 Wh)

That’s a 1000 USD test with very low capacity battery. The ones made here are 1400 to 2000Wh batteries)
Even if this works, you’re nearly bound to buy a bigger battery in waterproof case (Alibaba around 500uSD) plus another charger.

Thanks for the replies. Has anyone measured the thrust required to pop up on foil and also sustain flight with the latest generation of large/very large wings? Or thrust required for smaller wings for reference. I did a search here, but couldn’t find any definitive answers on thrust requirements.

This kind of data will appear in the on-going tests: back to back comparison between DiY motor figures and the Flying Rodeo ones.

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I didn’t see any data on thrust requirements in the link above.

I ordered the Gong XXL Wing and a Bixpy. They will be here soon. The board will be 7’10” and 135 liters. I’m about 170lbs. Anybody else able to chime in on whether this may be possible for sustained low speed flight (30lbs of thrust)?

If one Bixpy isn’t quite enough power I’ll do a dual-drive Bixpy setup. However if one Bixpy isn’t anywhere near enough power I won’t invest in a second in case 2 still isn’t enough. I’m imagining that 60lbs of thrust will be enough to get up and sustain flight!

Any input from those with experience in thrust requirement is appreciated.

At the price for 2 Bixpy’s, why not just buy a flying rodeo drive? Its way better.

It should work but the need of speed will be soon a demand :wink:

Bixpy battery is believe roughly 13 amp /25.9 V . If running time at full speed is 75 minutes(according to bixpys specification) then motor consumes roughly 260 W (if I calculated correctly), don’t know is this enough?

For my built 250w=10min , 21km/h average with top speed 34… but that is 250w of a 1100wh battery

Maybe we are not talking about the same thing, I was not clear enough in my rough calculation. What i calculated (260 W) is the max power generated by the motor= max power generated at full speed.

Yes not exactly the same thing, but it has 1/6 of the power i use ( as a average)

Yes. Some of ordinary trolling motors have higher power, so it will be close to a miracle if that power will lift the board out of water i guess.

What about thrust though? Isn’t that what really matters when it comes to actually getting on the foil and maintaining flight?

Does anybody have thrust figures for their setup? If so, what is your setup (Wing size, board, weight)?

So did @philgib. Interesting video.

Any results with the bixpy?