Hybrid Foils Nano Pod DIY

Has anyone successfully managed to design and print their own version of the Nano pod? About to start modelling one now which i will be happy to share, but just checking there isn’t already a good file avail in this forum or one someone is happy to share?


This pod was inspired / copied (without credit) from my design Here

Files in the thread somewhere which is a good starting point for you.

Thanks mate. Sorry to hear that your idea was copied without credit. Not really in the spirit of what this forum is intended for. I am working on a slightly different version now. Out of interest, how have you found it for drag & weight when compared to the traditional 2 part clamping pod mount?

I only used the foil assist for a few sessions before developing the Boogie so I’m not too sure.

In the scheme of things I don’t thing the pod design has a noticeable impact on touch down drag compared to a cross section of the motor, the cable tape job, or in the instance of the Foildrive G2 the box under your board.

The main idea with the design was for quick changes, sharing the system and a fun design challenge. No one wants to be messing with m3 screws on the beach!


This is good! I like this as it capitalizes on not only switching quick but supports different mast shapes. Not to mention the screw holes to the motor. Can I ask for a link to the STL files?
Please & Thank you!

One thing i cant quite work out is how you are meant to pull the strap tight once the motor is already mounted in place since it looks like it will block / interfere with the exit of the strap somewhat. Assuming mounting motor is the first step to make this whole concept worth while.

I have now designed and printed + moulded my own version of this nano pod design. See below. First fit seems really good. Seems to hug my 900HM mast really well.

Printed in SLS Nylon, with a magnetic latch. No tools required to fit and tension strap.
Brue/Green insert is hand injection moulded dental silicone.

Will test this weekend before I share the files for this.


I’m curious, do you approve MT60 without waterproofing with just dielectric grease ?

To be honest it works really well without dielectric grease. I just give the pins a spray with lanolin based lubricant every few sessions and they seem to be staying clean and keep good conductivity. Because the pins are isolated well on the female side it seems to work without any shorting issues.

This looks great. I look forward to hearing from your trials. If successful, it would be great to share the files so we can all give them a go.

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I looks great. I’m very interested to do some tests with this against a Lift mast clamp to see which is more hydrodynamic.

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Very nice setup with a custom core like the Kparts link provided by @Etiennebzh based on a design by @Strongarm

Did you 3d print a dedicated mast mockup for that ?

@SoEFoil i have a CAD file of my mast which I used to design and 3D print an injection moulding tool. There is some more complex geometry on the outside of that green part to interlock with the pod and not slip. The same way HybridFoils do it.

Happy to send some photos of how i did it, if it helps.

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Hi, Your Pod looks great! Do you think it is less loud? My one, without any damping is loud.
Would you share your pod?
Thank you very much!

Hi Mat,
When you say loud, are you meaning your pod is vibrating/resonating against your mast? Or is it your strap? Its something i am concerned might be an issue for me too. But luckily the inner part for my pod is silicone should dampen vibration a little. Will know more after tomorrow. Happy to share the files after this weekend. Cheers,

Hi Bruce,
Yes, the vibrating/resonating sound is what I mean. In my opinion it “feels” loud and disturbing. I am looking forward to your results. Thanky for the support.

The vibration/ noise is something I didn’t like with any of the foil assist products. The mast and the hollow board above the water is the perfect combination - if you were going to design a flying speaker this is how you would do it!