Hydrofoil Profile EPPLER 817

Hey guys!
I want to build my own E-Foil from scratch. My first task was to find a suitable Profile for my Wings. I found this Profil on Airfoil tools. And wanted to ask your opinion/ experience about it.

Thanks in advance:D

Hi, designing a good wing is rocket science, here on the forum one or two people (maybe only one:-) can do it. It takes a lot of practical experience to choose the optimal technology to make a wing. I don’t think it’s worth devoting so much time and effort to produce a single wing and so many uncertain results.

Why did you decide to make a wing?

Hey! I actually finished my Bachelors degree in aerospace engineering. I thought it would be fun and learning experience to design a foil wing from scratch! But as you say it is pretty difficult. So i came here for help:D But thanks for the reply i can keep you updated if you are interested in my findings.

Don’t let you get dis-encouraged by “experts”, you could create a wing with Winghopper (https://www.winghopper.com/web_app) and then analyze it. You can upload the eppler 817 profile into winghopper and design a wing. Winghopper lets you export the result in different 3d formats which you could import into a 3d CAD for adjustments or to create a negative. It is possible to build a wing but not easy. Best is to build a mold in two parts. This can be done with a 3d printer. Then laminate the shell in two parts. Fill the core with foam and depending on the Aspect Ratio, add a beam,i.e. from cf wrapped balsa.
To design a wing you can also use Fusion with the “AirFoil Tools” addon which searches the best profile based on your input. It only gives you a 2d Profile, you still need to design the wing from it.
AirFoil Tools: Airfoil Tools | Fusion 360 | Autodesk App Store


Yes, they do. If you model the wing in 3D CAD, I can (if you are interested)

  • assess the shape to the best of my knowledge and point out any flaws (hydrodynamic errors)
  • correct any hydrodynamic errors to increase efficiency (lift, drag)
  • measure the first scaled down prototype wing on my measuring device (I think I am the only owner of this device in the world)

I depend if you prefer building or riding , the wing isn’t the easiest thing and there is so much to do , my opinion : built every else , get building skills and a working Efoil then improve it ( wings…)
Best to try some wings before knowing what you need and want

Before building the most efficient or fastest or… it is just nice to built a working Efoil

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and you can always iterate… minimum viable product? square plate of wood strong enough…pretty sure almost anything flies… I build my first 2 foils from scratch before they were widely available to buy… they both flew (Vimeo was the first one)… I’m not even sure I’d bother with a mold if it’s a one time thing…
good luck… but more importantly: have fun!