Hydrofoil Surfboard only order boards with water-proof box

Hello Friend,

Our factory worried about some questions If you only order the board with water-proof box.

#1. Parts are not matched.

#2. we have special water-proof box design, it has 2 room, one is totally water-proof, another is water cool equipment. If your controller can’t meet water-proof function IP 68 or totally water-proof, is not working.

#3. you side also need to add water-proof hole let the line throughout if have no professional skills, it really not easy to deal with.

Order 1 sets boards with all parts are possible. thanks for you all interested in.

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@Lisa Can you please provide more information? I.e.

  • what size is the board(length, width, depth)?
  • what mast connections does this have?
  • are there any cable routing holes?
  • what does the waterproof box look like? What size? Any photos?

Hello Lisa,
I´m interested in 1 or 2 boards.
I see they have different size. CAn you give me the different sizes and what will be the price for it?

Hello Carved, our factory only have 1 size for electric foil surfboard, but for design, you have many choices. Could you leave your phone and email, Thanks. Lisa

Hi Lisa,
There are people here interested in these boards, including myself. Can you please share more details of the board?

Be careful that the foil mount spacing isn’t compatible with most foils. You might have to modify the one you have or buy one that works.

I am interested to buy one board also

I m also interested, just waiting for specs

Mee too. Specs and pricing please!

I am interested to buy one.

Is it 100% hollow? Thats what I would build next.

some one post the price here so we dont have to all direct message please :slight_smile:

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I haven’t had a message yet from her.

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Not sure if they are interested. I exchanged couple of enails with Lisa and seems they are not willing to sell just the board.
Multiple people also showed interest here bot no response from them

Let me see if I can help facilitate something so that you can get boards. As I mentioned the boards are great, especially when you are trying to get a build going, as you have plenty of float and everything is waterproof. Easy to change out props and motors, knowing that it isn’t the boards fault. The issue I see is that the foil mount spacing isn’t the norm, it is a half inch too narrow from side to side. This means if you have another brand foil, you will have to widen the screw holes on your foil to accommodate the difference. Not a big deal, but not quite plug and play. You might be able to grab a foil off alibaba that fits it. I don’t think they make the foil in house, but source it. I can get exact measurements if needed for the spacing.

@Dirkdiggler These are great words. I hope we see some Closeup pictures facts, dimentions,specs … after all. I am about to start working on the board and considering to buy ready to go board like couple of other members here.

Providing the boards are fitted with a 90mm spacing distance between rails, any foil with a plate having 90mm as shorter screw spacing would fit.
On the other hand, manufacturing a board in 2019 with fixed screw pattern that wouldn’t be 165 x 90 mm would mean commercial difficulties IMHO.

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Yes, I agree they should have the same standard spacing. It is designed as a whole product, so doesn’t matter in their eyes. I know that foils will keep progressing and changing shapes. What we ride in a few years will look vastly different than today.
The bad news is they want a minimum order of 20 boards to make the deal. I don’t know why she posted here that they’d sell individual boards. We’d need a much higher interest to make this work. I’d still just tell people here to buy a complete board. So much more work for such little benefit and the likely end result will pale in comparison to a commercial design. Oh well, I know its a DIY forum and I’m not preaching to the choir.

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@Lisa, the present post title is very ambiguous; “Hydrofoil Surfboard only order boards with water-proof box’
I think it should be changed to something like 'HiSun Efoil board bulk order: 20 persons sought”
The clearer your intentions, the faster you will gain real customers.
It’s a win-win action for you. The faster you manufacture your first 20 board batch, the faster you attract 20 new customers for your 2nd, 3rd batch …


Just saw a new video to introduce the efoil which highlighted in black color in the photo Lol

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