Hydrogen powerd efoil. Any thoughts?

I recently saw drones fly with hydrogen. They have a very small fuel cell which is capable putting out 2kw. But its very pricy. I just want some thoughts from you about it, if it even would be possible. Or would it make any sense at all.


Just for 1000w…

Yes and this is the probelm. The price and complexety.

Hydrogen has higher energy storage density than lithium ion batteries but you need a tank (fuel cell) and a power generator.


  • The 2kw generator has (nearly) the perfect dimensions for our use: an A4 sheet dimension (mm): 266x215x157. 16 cm thickness is nearly compatible with our board thicknesses. H2 Tank in addition.
  • System Weight: 5.800 kg
  • efoil rentals would love it: no recharge time


  • Voltage: only 25V nominal
  • Price 11,000usd :flushed: plus a tank of hydrogen that will need to be refilled at a cost estimated at 8 times than that of its equivalent Li-Ion Wh amount.

This vid says it all:

Great thoughts. Maybe some rich guy could try building it😅. It would be very intresteing watching such a special build. Also for the 24v. There are some beefy stepups out there 30€ 1500w. So I think this wouldn’t be any probelm. How much pressure is needed. And also how would we produce such amounts of H2?

I heard a rumour Supernova was hydrogen powered :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


25V and 2kw is OK :+1:
Greetings Frank

You are completely wrong on this. As the name supernova indicates, it has nuclear fusion reactor as power source.


H2 production is costly (seaparation + pumping into a tank) and consumes as much energy as the hydrogen can produce in return. (watch the video). For the delivery, we’re hiring: one 2 litre tank = 2 hours of efoil autonomy (1)
(1) Feasible, calculation coming

So all in in all this idea wouldt be good at all🤣
But still I think it would be very interesting.

I’ve read that Seabubbles, the river foil taxi company based in Annecy France have a partnership with GreenGT, a Franco-Swiss company to produce a small hydrogen fuel cell for their Bubble H2.
Their specification:

  • with Li-Ion, their charge time is currently 2.5 hours for a two-hour drive time so unfeasible for a taxi fleet.
  • with hydrogen, a 3 minute charge = 3 hours of autonomy.

First tests mid 2021. If this works, we should see companies ordering even smaller H2 cells to GreenGT :star_struck:

All hydrogen transport right now very complex and expensive. Previous year some developer said that this technology only as “demonstration” because of it’s complexity and lack of capacity to deliver hydrogen to all consumers. Also production of hydrogen is power required (20% power required for hydrolysis, so efficiently is ~80%).
But imaging some big floating platform in the middle of nowhere in Atlantics, which produce hydrogen from the salt water using power of sun and light … and this hydrogen could use only that people on their boats and hydrogen-foils who able buy 5.000.000$+ yacht

I feel the need to correct this name…


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