I am looking for bec

hello team
one question can i connect receiver and water pump from the same BEC 6 and 12 v ?
any bec with 2 cable outlet diferent volt or not?
thanks george

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hello team
i order this bec twin output but one cable(the other 12 for the pump) it 5v not 6v that the receiver wants.
it workks or not ?

I would say it is likely that it works, but you have to test it. Depends on the receiver.

For a Flysky FS-GR3F Receiver for GT2 / GT2B / GT3B / GT3C / T6 / CT6B / TH9X Transmitter
it should work:
Power: 4.0-6.5V DC

2.4Ghz Remote Controller 2-Channel Receiver for Electric Skateboard Longboard this is my remote