I lose my signal from the vx3 remote control while browsing

hello, I don’t understand anymore I lose the signal from the vx3 remote control during navigation so I can’t get up, I have a VESC trampa 75/300 and I installed a 1.5 m flypsky antenna, I I redid the tests at home, it works correctly even with the carbon cover closed, does anyone have an idea, thank you

Are you sitting on the board (with it being partially submerged in water) while trying to throttle up to take off? Water is great at blocking radio signals.

lie down on the board, the body also has the effect of a faradet’s cage

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thank you for your answers, I lay down then squatted on the set, you advise me to take out the antenna to redo the tests

Loosing signal also , turned out to be the spot where I used my efoil
2 différents locations always lost the signal with my remonte, ( another remote add no problem )

I just changed place no more problem

I will also try to take the antenna out of the compartment to the outside of the board to give it another try.