I might buy more China Foils

I like these boards; I’m thinking about getting some more.

Hello, after several failed attempts to build my own electric surfboard, I finally broke down and bought a couple of hydrofoils from China.
I’ll have to say, I’m pleasantly surprise on how well they perform. The boards are of good quality carbon construction and carbon foil. The controller and motor work well. I guess the other category would be the battery and the remote. The remote is a speed controller only; that’s it, no display on battery life.
The battery is a strong 35A battery and I typically get over an hour ride time. I exhausted the battery once about an 1:25 into my ride. I guess my concern is how waterproof is the battery and the battery compartment. They say the battery is waterproof but I’m a little concerned because a couple of times I have seen a few drops of water in the battery compartment. But after about 50 hours of riding, I haven’t had any issues.

The reason why I’m writing is I may get some more hydrofoils. After riding around my local lakes several guys said they want to buy them. I told them the shipping was about half the cost of the hydrofoil. I bought my boards in a partial shipment which meant it had to be removed from a shipping container and stored in a warehouse…very expensive. If I buy more, I want to buy a full shipping container of hydrofoils, which would drastically reduce the shipping cost per unit.

So let me know if anyone is interested in a hydrofoil from China. If I get over 20 guys in North America that are interested, I’ll place the order. I’ll also get spare parts so we’ll extra parts closer to home. I’ll have to work out a price but it would be around $5,000 to $6,000.

Let me know your thoughts


I’m interested what brand is the foil.
Do you have any specs?

Maybe you can learn about our efoil. I hope you will like it

Here is a photo of the 210cm board

Here is the 168cm board

About specifications;
The board construction is carbon. Hand made with a surfboard feel. The red board is beautiful.
The hydrofoil mast and wing is carbon construction. Wing is detachable and in the future I would like to experiment with different wings.
The battery is a 48v 35A battery. Ride time is about 1:15. I had to paddle back when I was out past 1:25…not bad.
The controller is fine and just water cooled. the controller is inside a waterproof case.
The motor is a 6000W motor. works fine and no real issues. I have over 50 hours on my boards and I have noticed one motor is a little louder than the other motor. I’ll keep you posted on the noise.
The remote is basic, just a speed controller and no other information. It has push buttons and a trigger which is nice. I just use the buttons, the trigger is too hard to control.

This is my hobby not my business. I would like to get more for myself and my friends. If I order a shipping container of hydrofoils I will need $3,000 for the order and around $3,000 upon delivery. I will order extra batteries, remotes and hydrofoils so I will have a limited support service.

Let me know if you have any other questions.