I need a good ESC

I recently decided to try and build an efoil. I found a motor that looks good, https://alienpowersystem.com/shop/brushless-motors/c80100-outrunner-brushless-motor-80kv-7000w/, and now I need an ESC.

I’ve seen some people post about these two ESC’s,
and I’m wondering which is better, and if there are other options I should be considering. What should I be looking for in an ESC, and how do I know which ESC’s are good, and which aren’t?

Flipsky is good, but why not combine it with a waterproof motor of the same brand to mount it in direct drive …?

I didn’t think about that. Which Flipsky motor would you recommend to pair with the Flipsky VESC?

The one in 120 kv in axis 10 which will be compatible with FR propellers and most other propellers.
Other builder more qualified than me will be able to confirm you this.

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Sounds good, thank you for the help.

I Think it is the Ø12mm axle that fits the FR propeller. Dont know About the other propellers.

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Yes, Flipsky (on request so people have to dble check) and Hgltec (default) ship motors with 12mm shaft going down to a threaded M8x1.25 as follows:

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Both(Flipsky) you can buy from Banggood… If you in the EU, you chose eupriority line there is no tax and customs…

I am looking for an ESC easy to program to be powered by my 13S lithium battery, can someone advise me