I need a mast 80-90cm

Maybe someone has a mast he does not need any more?

A brand new 80cm one: 69€ + 10-15 shpng … just in case :no_mouth:

I have a new Slingshot Profile one. all new about 80cm 60€+shipping

Hello, can you post pic or send me pm?

Hey Toto44, I just wanted to give an order of idea…:wink:

nice, thanks. Is there a deep tuttle box adapter availible for this mast?

Yes, on another page. The boss knows his job: the 4 known tuttle mast heads are there…:flushed:
Then there is the feasability. If it is for an efoil, you will have to drill and fragilise the head. It is the reason why everybody uses a … plate :slightly_smiling_face:

The GONG mast heads are the same as NAISH or AIRUSH:
more expensive (130+ €) but they offer a small plate which allow to spread the strain much better on the board bottom skin. Mantafoil does that also but not the same 2x40mm screw pattern