I need advice on what VESC and battery I should use

Hi, I am new to building foils. I do have some experience in electric longboards, and I have a couple of RC cars and airplanes, so I use a lot of hobby grade lipo batteries. I am looking at this board thanks to DrT for supplying the CAD files and to Kian for making a 2d paper template. Here is my part list so far, it does not include nuts and bolts and other small stuff like that.
If you can give me advice on what vesc and battery to go with, or any other part that you have advice for that would be greatly appreciated.

I was thinking about buying the group 7 water sports kit from flipsky link https://cutt.ly/AzcA8XX, but I’ve heard some bad things about it. Do you have an opinion on this kit?
Here is a list that i made if i decide it’s not a good idea to buy the group 7 kit.
If you could give me some advice on the group 7 kit and the parts listed down below.

Board 2d templight file: https://bit.ly/3kX6kXb
Board 3d CAD file: eFoil Board by DrTimonV - Thingiverse

The 3 vesc, I’m trying to pick one of them:
1 vesc: https://bit.ly/3rzKIUb
2 vesc: Flipsky FSESC 75200 75V High Current 200A ESC Base On Vesc With Alumin – FLIPSKY
3 vesc: VESC 75V 300A Original in Anodised Non Conductive CNC housing

The remote: I am looking at the new Flipsky VX3 waterproof remote, I think it’s a reasonable price link Flipsky Fully Waterproof Remote VX3 controller For Efoil | Esurf | ESK – FLIPSKY.

The motor I’m thinking about is a flipsky 65161, I don’t know if I should buy from flipsky or banggood

The battery: I’m not sure If I should go with a 12s or 14s for this build, I am thinking about doing 12s 10p or 14s 10p maybe even 14s 14p idk. I found this battery calculator, but couldn’t really figure out how to use it, here is the link eFoil battery calculator 0.4.xlsx - Google Drive, I couldn’t find the form from where i got the calculator but all credit goes to that person. I’m thinking about going with Samsung 21700 cells because of how much more power they have compared to18650’s. If you have any suggestions about the battery please let me know.

Wings Fuselage and Mast: I am thinking about going with the Gong foil kit, it is used in a couple of other builds on this forum. I would use the Gong foil Mainly because I found the CAD file for the 3d printable mast clamp that fits the Gong mast and the Flipsky 65161 motor, so I would not have to CAD a custom one since im very new to fusion 360. I do have a 3d printer though. Another option is the Liquid force launch 2.0 set up from evo link Liquid Force Launch 2.0 Foil Set 2020 | evo
I think this might be a little too short at only 24in. The main difference is i’m in the U.S and the Gong foil company is in europe, so I might have some problems getting it into the U.S

Any advice would be very helpful.

Use flipsky VESC6 60V 200A, no problems with it works as charm!