I need help - can’t get Efoil to foil

I took my new board out and was unable to get it up out of the water, no matter how far forward my weight was shifted. Is there something I can change with the setup or wings to make this easier?All videos I’ve seen, even beginners, can smoothly skim on the water and get up easily. Any suggestions welcome

Build specs: It has plenty of power; 13s16p (300a continuous rating), 200a APD esc, flipsky 65161 motor, flite prop. Board is foam/fiberglass about 4’8”

Pics and video here:


You need to be even more forward on the board. It’s also hard to get up on a small board in choppy water if you’re not used to it. Perhaps have a few practice sessions on some flat water then try the chop


Less chop would help. Though if I’m any further forward on the board then it sinks and I slide off the front. And since it noses up immediately I slide off the back with even lowest throttle

I think I need to change the angle of attack of the rear stabilizer wing

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The front wing also looks quite small to begin, a bigger one would also make it easier.

Did you have Motor A limits?
When you have a smaller wing, you need more speed/power to come up.

Get on your knees as fast as possible, and bring the weight more forward. if you are just lying on the board, your weight is too far backwards.

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More fwd definitely. As you ease into the throttle keep moving fwd if the nose is coming up. On short boards you may have to be out In front of the nose, to keep it down. Once on foil you can scoot back as it takes less power.

Yeah like everyone said above, you need to get way more forward. I ride with a liquid force happy foil with a short board and I need to basically be knees on the front of the board to get it to plane properly. After that stand up and get it on foil.

So get the board moving → get on your knees way up front → get board planing on the water → standup and get on foil.

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Ok thanks guys. I’ll try to transition to kneeling as quick as possible and try on a calmer day. Just seems that there isn’t really a “plane” stage. Just goes right from level to upright at any throttle making me think it’s actually got too much lift and if it were slower to get out of the water it would actually be easier. If this were an airplane I would trim the rear stabilizer to drop the nose

The airplane it is balance and you (also me) make tail heavy, in your video you can see that half of your body in dragging inside the sea.
Do what others told you and you will see.

Your build looks great. I’m just building my board now, have built most of the rest. Thanks for posting this, I will probably be in the same position in a month or so. Also thanks to all the other members who have shared and given support. GOOD LUCK and keep us informed.

Just another question, What gasket material have you used on your lid. I have the same lid but it has a small gasket. Thanks

Yeah mine had same small gasket. I got this marine/auto roll of gasket at Home Depot. I still seem to get a few drops in, but everything is conformal coated so no big deal

This was the one I got
M-D Building Products 1033 M-D 0 All Profile Weather-Strip Tape, 10 Ft L X 19/32 in W 5/16 in T, Epdm Rubber, Black, Foot Sorry! Something went wrong!

Thanks a lot, so quick :slight_smile:

You seem to have built a pro board. CG (your placement) at start needs to be approx as much forward as the motor is from mastplate. If you use 90cm mast then it’s not easy on short board at all. The chop in the video is close to limit even for good riders. Always start with the wind/wave direction or even better start in lakes for the concept testing.

Forgot the most obvious thing as seen on video. You have to go to your knees up front of board at about 5kmh


Definitely need calm water, more skills and practice to take off on shorter board.
You have to be more on top off board…
This is first take off on my new short board.
I’m 90+ kg without wetsuit . Board is 132cm, 100l.


Me trying a Fliteboard Pro for the first time. In Dec in the Nordics brrr. Definately not big margins for front force pressure during take off and i fail a couple of times. Perhaps you can get some advice, but i’m not a pro. I learned the sport on DYI boards at 43Y of age.
I’m 100kgs and board is 67L.


That’s right, the shorter the board, the higher the speed at the time of getting up. If the nose goes up, you crawl in front and add speed. But in no case do not slow down, if you do, you will dive with your nose. The speed is only increasing. And you keep the board parallel to the surface of the water. And you have to wait for the effect of light planing. This condition is immediately noticeable, the board practically does not heat up, and runs parallel to the water. Only after that you go out on the wing. And if you have achieved the clipping effect, you can shift back a little, and then go out on the wing. And if, while moving on the wing, you squat on your hind leg, drop down to touch the water, and even shift back. Then you stand on the wing again. You should understand that the stand before going out on the wing, and the stand of riding on the wing is very different. By as much as 30-40 cm . And yet, 43 is the best age to master Efoil. I mastered it at the age of 58! And in two years I can consider myself an expert! Built 4 boards!