I need some help😄

Ok, so I’m in high school right now and I’m currently restoring an old stand up jet ski just for fun, I plan on using it for about a year, and selling it to fund an efoil project. I understand that it’s not going to be easy which is why I’m doing as much research as I can 1-2 years away. I just have a few questions

  1. Are there any books you would recommend reading to learn about esc’s, volts, wattage, power, etc. just to give me some background knowledge before I start the project?

  2. Is this project something that should be left to engineers and really really smart people or is it attainable. (I’m going to build one regardless just curious)

  3. What would be the best gearbox, battery, and motor setup that money could buy. Like if I had no budget and wanted something that could reliably go 40-45+ kmh. And 1-2 hour of ride time

  4. How do you get the hole in the mast for the wires, is there a special mast you can buy or should I make the holes myself

I’m pretty comfortable with my skills to build a board, carbon fiber, and putting everything together, I’m just somewhat new to all the technical electrical stuff, like what is compatible with what. I just don’t want to blow anything up :smile: