I want broken maytech remotes

Hi guys.

If any of you have broken maytech remotes laying around and would be willing to part with them in the name of science let me know.

I’d like to open a couple up. Dig the potting material out and inspect for reasons of failure. Hope to find new techniques to waterproof these remotes and make them last longer.

I’m in the USA. More specifically Hawaii. But, I’d be willing to pay the first class shipping price.



Hi Flightjunkie, do you have an idea to make the remote really waterproof including the screen? I am using the V2 but inside a ziplock bag because I don’t trust it. Indeed I do have another remote laying around. I believe it is not potted inside. It had some error with it right from beginning and Maytech sent me a second one.


Have you already read my thread on modifications to the remote?

My latest remote has been holding up well with the revised method with the vacuum chamber corrosionX treatment, and so on.

I’d love to have your broken remote for testing. PM me. Maybe we can work out a deal. Anything I learn I will share with the community.