Impeller collection thread

For my project (jet-fin for my windsurf board / SUP) I am looking for different impellers.

Maybe this thread would be a good place to collect and share the impeller designs.

I prefer .stp files, because they can be easily adapted to your own requirements.

My own 63mm impeller (stl and stp):

Optimized for 3D-Printing with 0.4mm nozzle. Printed in PLA+.
The blades cannot be broken by hand even with pliers you need a lot of strength to break it.

Tested with SSS56114 / 500KV on 6S.


Nice thread! Good idea. I’ve got a parametric model I’d be willing to share once I get some testing in.

Now i share my modified 63mm Impeller (V2). I modified the shape and rounded some corners.
Printed in PLA+ and testet with the SSS56114 / 500KV Motor on 6S. Thrust (drive completely under water) on 6S is round about 12-15Kg while consumpting 60Ampere.