Impressive engineering on the new Fliteboard Ultra L2

I just saw this: ULTRA L2 – Fliteboard™ USA

Does anyone know which motor they are using?
Looks like pretty small diameter.
And the folding prop looks also very hydrodynamic compared to others.

This video makes it look nice for riding some swell unpowered:


It really is impressive, and Mister Bennetts is fun to watch and makes it look so easy! Amazing how he just pumps his way back with the remote dangling on his wrist!
In the Fliteboard 2024 project launch video I think they mention the new folding prop and that it was designed with Mercury Marine. I think they’re also using the all carbon mast and slim motor from their $$$$ Mark Newson board.

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Nope, Brunswick (mercury) has bought fliteboard. A very interesting move on fliteboard behalf.

In another Video the founder and CEO says the new prop is designed by Mercury Marine. It makes sense to use in house expertise since Mercury owns Fliteboard now.

It appears that Fliteboard has changed their approach to a single standardized battery compartment on the L2 and also the new Air models.

When you configure these boards you have only two battery choices, the Nano and the Sport. The larger Explorer model is NOT an option

This really isn’t a big deal for the L2 as it’s optimized for weight but it seems odd that they would limit the size in the new Air model.

The Air is and entry level product and they had to reduce the battery compartment size for the inflatable board. The L2 is ultra light it makes sense. The boards we have have more room that’s a good thing but the Ultra L2 looks really sweet but I not there yet in terms of riding skills lol .

I assume the Nano, Sport and Explore packs all have the same width and height but differ in their length.

I would also assume that they could have used the same “standard” battery compartment in the two new boards and left it up to their customers which battery they want to use.

The new Air product would make excellent rigs for rental or school etc where the Explore battery would be useful for longer ride time between charge.

The L2 is a really nice rig but beyond the scope of my ability and wallet!:grinning: