Individually fused cells in a battery pack

Hi.I would like to know if somebody here is using this kind of individually fused battery tabs instead of nickel strips or knows somebody/a manufacturer who could make thisfor me .I haven’t really found anything like this in webshops but if somebody knows one i would be interested.

I would like the copper nickel double layered one if someone coud find it.

I did mine like the power wall guys do the power walls.

I did look for the fused nickel strip. Couldn’t find it. But, you could probably have it custom made.

But, I prefer to solder my cells.

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Nice looking pack! I would prefer the spotwelding method because i’m not good at soldering so i don’t want to risk it.

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Thx man.

Yea. It’s not hard. But definitely takes some practice till you get the technique down if you are new to soldering.

I have tested this pack on my “ratchet strap and duct tape” test ride and it worked flawlessly. It was about an hour of riding and the pack proved to have 40% capacity remaining when calculated during recharge.