Indoor efoil slalom competition

One more crazy idea… so that it does not become patentable.
Done 20+ times in Europe including London 2006, Paris, Warsaw, … with slalom windsurf boards using noisy giant fans.
Can efoils attract the masses with silence and simplicity ? Teams and champions are still to be found…
Dull wing tips and short masts needed in order not to damage the pool linen.
Pool design by Laghetto, Milan, Italy, a 30-50.000usd€ item, fixed width (30-35m) but adjustable in length : 60m - 70m - 80 or 90m with zip panels (see below).
Are you in ? :grin:

Picture credit: Fred Beauchene Windsurf circuit organiser:
00 ParisIndoor1990
01 indoor efoil
02 indoor efoil

05 indoor efoil