Inflatable board build ArtFoils

After build some box for inflatable board from wood(v1), aluminum(v2) and steel (v3) I’m ready to make high quality box for inflatable board from composite materials. It’s will be light weight, strong, and waterproof. Also easy to go, fast assembly/disassembly.


The first revision is almost done


Which Inflatable Board is this?

How much is one Box?

How much!? :slight_smile: I have an extra inflatable tube


I can’t say cost right now because it’s not tested yet and not calculated bom and working time

cut out the EVA mat

and glued it

Сompartment cover (hatch) made of wood and fiberglass. quick way to make a test sample

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ready to ride.


good weather gives us nice shoots and good flight in cold water.


Where can we buy the inflatable board?

ship from Russia
in stock inflatable board without eva deck and box for battery

custom size prorder available

I haven’t found that tube manufacturer in google, could you help how can I contact with the supplier/manufacturer?

I already have esc,motor, prop, battery, but board and foil is still missing.

What is the price for just the board and board+enclosure?

it’s commercial informasion, I can’t share it

inflatable board 400usd
box+hatch(fully assmbled) 800usd

are these for sale? Thank you

Yes. For sale. Also available custom sizes inflatable and composite boards

Do uou sell everything but the board? I am looking for the box, mast, motor, controller and battery. I have the inflatable board.