Inflatable Board for e-foil

I really like the idea of an inflatable board hydrofoil. Manta has an inflatable board coming in 2018 for kite foiling and sail foiling. It might be a really good candidate for e-foiling.



that looks good. I am also a fan of the inflatable idea. Looking to mount my kitefoil on my inflatable sup. Will send photos.


Elevate E-sup foil is already building one

I like the idea of inflatable SUPs as well!
Living currently not that close to the water transport is an issue.

I am considering buying a set (board and wind) from elevate or manta and then building my own motor, battery, etc. The costs for the board and wing should be around $1400

Would you guys consider this a good way to ?
Is the assumption, that a sup made for using it with a kite can also be used with an electric motor?

Thanks for sharing infos, I am just getting started.

Markus check it out

Not relevant for our usage…

I don’t know if this would work on an inflatable board, but should be the trick for building a custom board for your efoil. Tough to trust something like this with very expensive hardware that’s riding underwater!

@Dirkdiggler, I do not think that this will be rigid enough on a regular inflatable. I am working on a marine plywood mount that will have ribs going forward at least 30" to make it rigid enough. Planning on strapping it to the board and then inflating the board for a tight fit.

Hey, thanks for the hint!
I just saw it. looking cool, but I’m missing much more power in it.
10km/h for 10 min - no power.
Maybe generation 3.0
I’ll keep searching for a DIY Kit. its amazing how creativity is flurishing in here :wink:

Yes, if you are looking for the high speed and long running, we are not quite that product. My foil makers say they can get a wing lifted at 3-4mph with my 44lbs of thrust, and cruise around 15 mph at medium speed for 30-45 minutes. Don’t need hi speed for continuous flight, only for the start.

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It seems there are already two complete solutions out there:

What do you guys think about the overall concept?

we tested prototype with plywood platform.
The main problem is that long SUP itself generates a lot of drag…
So probably Cabratec is the right way…

How did you put the polywood on the board?
Thank you

with ordinary straps…
inflate board to 5psi, fix platform with straps, and inflate board to regular pressure…


I have the same board , i was thinking about doing the same thing , but i realized that was quit big , i wasn’t the plate Will hold crashs , the y make smaller one for kid , perfect in size but they bent under weight ,may be with a longer plate …

My try …

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we figured out, that mast should be set back as much as possible, long tail induce too much drag too. and our plate survived several crushes already, we think that it is even too big…
we position now mast under rear yellow line on carpet

I´m pulling with my inflatable Motorboard

an inflatable starboard 12.6 with the mast put through the hole for the Insert

a Starboard Airplane with baseplate
Video to follow

the manta board does not work, because to wobbely for the beginner


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Could you post a close-up picture of your foil mounted on its base plate ?

this works pretty good.