Inflatable board to sell - almost new

I am selling this ingenious inflatable Efoil board - with air pump. For your mega-cool DIY board.

Price: 280€

It was once in the water and is therefore as good as new.

I had built an E-Foil this year - relatively simple with a wooden construction in the middle. That was not a good idea, because the wood warped and so unfortunately I couldn’t get the inner construction tight. So I started a new Efoil project - with an XPS core - and am selling this Inflatable.

If I were to redesign it, I would put an aluminium construction in there.

160 cm high, about 62 cm wide.
The cut-out inside is about 70 cm high and 29 cm wide.

The air pump is included.

And I give the insert free of charge. Of course without battery and electronics. I had a 65cm Gong mast mounted underneath. With lid, of course.

As I said: everything is new and in top condition. Very solid and stable.

Shipping possible. I am based in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Have fun!

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It has been sold!

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