Inflatable boards, box and maytech remote

I’m selling some spare parts, and my prototype box for the inflatable.

Located at the south of Germany. Tax for the products are paid.

Two Inflatable Boards each 400,-€

new unused:
price 150,-€

composite construction, plywood and surrounded by gfk laminate.
very solid, needs still some work for the finish. 5,2 Kg total
the box fits the inflatable perfectly
price: 200€

shipping cost are not included


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Very nice 100L board. Are the 280 x 710 (x120) hole dimensions given when the board is inflated ? If yes what is the hole dimension before inflation (I’d like to know if the hole dimensions varies during inflation) ?
What are the dimensions of your electrical box ?

The size varies when inflated.

The dimensions are 300 x 700.

To fit the box in the inflatable with this dimensions (300x 700) is a little bit tricky, but once the board is inflated, the box has incredible hold.

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The blueprint indicates a width of 280mm once inflated so did you oversize the box width to 300 on purpose which explains the difficulties you have to insert it in the hole ? Would have 285 or 290mm been easier for instance but still ensuring a good grip ?

Hi Alex,
would be interested to buy your Maytech remote (shipping within Germany)

Hi Alex,
need your e-mail adress for PayPal

If you check your PMs you got yourself a sale.

I`m still interested in your Maytech remote.
It seems not to be possilbe to answer your PM other way.
Pls contact me by (SMS or WhatsApp) 01573 5603123

The Remote is sold.

The two Inflatables and the box are still available.