Inflatable efoil project [Belgium]

After more than 2 years of scrolling on this forum it is time to build an efoil.

I have been building electric skateboard and batterypacks for more than five years… So I have quite a bit of experience with mechanics and electronics like a vesc.

Because there is not a lot of water close to my home, the efoil must be easy to transport. For this reason I chose an inflatable model. I have a guy in china who has experience with building custom inflatable sups. So he is going to build one for me.

Vesc: Flipsky 75/200 (water cooled by custom heat sink + pump)
Motor: Flipsky 65161 120kv
Battery: 14S1P LG Chem E63B (3.15kWh, 70A continu)
Remote: Maytech IP67 Waterproof Remote MTSKR1905WF


I’m working on my efoil board design but I’m wondering about the length/width of the board. And the mounting location for the mast. How far do I place it from the back? At this moment te first screw is 25cm from the back.

And the board is 165x63x15 cm (110L).

do you have the possibility to create a inflatable?


Hi, I’ve been lurking off and on these forums too for the past years.
I’ve finally bought a home next to the “vaart” in Mechelen and i’m dying to start working on my own e foil.
Where are you from?

Hi! It’s great that you have water near your home. I am from Merchtem. About 30 minutes from Mechelen.

I guess it is whimsi foil…

No no, completely custom made :slight_smile:

Can you give any dimensions?
Homemade or ordered from somewhere?

165x64x15 cm
Hole: 58x39

Guy in China is working on the prototype atm.

I 3d printed the the esc cooling solutions this weekend…

Received today the Gong foil. Soon I’m going to put in the motor cables and water tube.

Motor mounted! Installation took longer than expected :sweat_smile:


Hi, I’m a supplier of inflatable boards. As per my experience, it is better not design the compartment or the board that way. The innder side of the board will look more curve instead of straight and therefore, the compartment shall be designed more cure as well to have the bladder fit in. Otherwise, you will find very big gap on the top or bottom on between the compartment and the bladder.

Would you post a few closeups of your electric compartment ?


Totally changed the design over the year.

New 3D printed enclosure with fiberglass around it.

Vesc on a heatsink and receiver are mounted in a waterproof enclosure. No water pump just a hole for water in the nose off the mount. Vesc stays at 35 degrees.

Hatch is a multi layer HPL(Trespa) plate with extra carbon rods.

Battery is a 14S with LG Chem E63B (Hyundai Kona cells). It gives me 3.15kWh.

The inflatable is custom made but still has some small imperfection, same thing with the build… I just need to do some small edits for a version 3. Example the black foam on top I need a laser cutter to cut it perfect with just small cut outs for the bolts. But overall very happy with this build.


Very nice. What is the total weigh of this beauty? of the cell elements ?

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I need to check but I think 30-35 kg. Battery itself is already ±13kg

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And funny, yesterday I enjoyed the sun on the beach and saw an efoiler.
I got a stress and jumped on my efoil and catch him.
Funny by chance on vacation to meet people from the forum! :joy::joy::joy: