Inflatable efoil project [Belgium]

After more than 2 years of scrolling on this forum it is time to build an efoil.

I have been building electric skateboard and batterypacks for more than five years… So I have quite a bit of experience with mechanics and electronics like a vesc.

Because there is not a lot of water close to my home, the efoil must be easy to transport. For this reason I chose an inflatable model. I have a guy in china who has experience with building custom inflatable sups. So he is going to build one for me.

Vesc: Flipsky 75/200 (water cooled by custom heat sink + pump)
Motor: Flipsky 65161 120kv
Battery: 14S1P LG Chem E63B (3.15kWh, 70A continu)
Remote: Maytech IP67 Waterproof Remote MTSKR1905WF


I’m working on my efoil board design but I’m wondering about the length/width of the board. And the mounting location for the mast. How far do I place it from the back? At this moment te first screw is 25cm from the back.

And the board is 165x63x15 cm (110L).

do you have the possibility to create a inflatable?


Hi, I’ve been lurking off and on these forums too for the past years.
I’ve finally bought a home next to the “vaart” in Mechelen and i’m dying to start working on my own e foil.
Where are you from?

Hi! It’s great that you have water near your home. I am from Merchtem. About 30 minutes from Mechelen.

I guess it is whimsi foil…

No no, completely custom made :slight_smile:

Can you give any dimensions?
Homemade or ordered from somewhere?

165x64x15 cm
Hole: 58x39

Guy in China is working on the prototype atm.

I 3d printed the the esc cooling solutions this weekend…

Received today the Gong foil. Soon I’m going to put in the motor cables and water tube.