Installing rails for mast

I’m in the process of designing my board–will be EPS w/fibreglass.
I haven’t worked with these materials in this scale before. I’m figuring out how to install aluminum rails in the base to mount the mast.
Do you just rout slots in the base to the depth of the rails, drop the rails in, and then epoxy/fibreglass them into place? I want to ensure the rails are mounted solidly enough to withstand the torque placed on them.


Hello !

I haven’t finish my build but on this video How to make an efoil/electric surf board, overview of the DIY process! Board shaping & fibreglass - YouTube
The man just plunge them in resin and put fiberglass on top off it. It appears to resist as hell :scream: the same man post two topics on the forum to show the process how to repair a mast because while he was riding he crash on something ( yes two times. So unlucky) underneath the water. And the mast broke up without unlaminate the aluminum bars.

For my build I roll them il fiberglass then put 2 more layers of fiberglass above them just the area over them. And then 2 layers over the entire bottom of the board.

However, to be on the safe side I did this :

This is excellent! Much appreciated.

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