Installing straps and strap mounts

Ok, let’s hear about setting up straps. I put this here since it applies to surf, SUP, and wing. I’ll move over my wing strap question too.

Edit: this was brought over from Wing topic.

I’m strap curious. I’ve seen people mention Armstrong and DaKine straps for surfing but I’d assume since you’re not laying on them you could use others for winging.

But if you have a custom board are there standards for how far apart to put mounts? (I’m 5’8" so my stance might be shorter than others, does that matter really?

Also, let’s hear from folks who use 2 up front in a V or 1 set straight. Also, back straps, yes? No?

I am also curious about strap installation on the efoil. Stance, configuration, specific straps, size of board, reinforcements.

I’m 5’8” tall and my stance seems to be about 28” when I just surf or wing. Though when I’m up and riding with a wing I notice that my back foot comes forward in front of the mast which would put my feet closer together.

Actually there’s a good question, where do you measure from? Outside of each foot, or from center of foot.

I’ve been riding in wind for some days, only on a lake and max 10m/s but still it affects my stance a lot. When i have the wind against me i need to move my feet or have a wide stance with a lot of front foot pressure.

I guess it will be hard to find the correct strap position for all conditions…