Intro and hello

Hello all,

Tried my first efoil yesterday on a 1hr session - amazing! Got it flying and I’m hooked, can’t believe we didn’t have these before for those windless days.

I’ve previously (years ago) sailed, windsurf, kitesurfed but stopped doing these things pre-foils - I think the latest gear I ever had was a OG cabrina switchblade.

I work in surgical robotics now so have experience in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, fabrication and have built myself a nice little workshop in UK, familiar with glass layups etc.

I’ve also made several contributions to open source UAV projects like ardupilot and openESC and have built drones for many years.

Can’t wait to start a efoil build! I’m particularly interested in getting a ejet efoil done.


Welcome Swwils, wishing you tens (hundreds) of hours of enjoyable reading :vulcan_salute:

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Whereabouts in the UK?


Do most of my water sport abroad though!

I think we also need to see pics of the workshop.

I’m down south so a bit too far to efoil with.

Welcome, and good luck building!

why ejet? I haven’t seen any done with good efficiency.

I just had a look and I don’t have any recent pics, I’ll grab one soon.

It’s a integrated double garage with high ceilings!

At work we do alot of soft silicone work so have some high end vaccum planetary mixing gear and micro dlp 3d printing tech. (Sub 10um).

When on holiday I have young kids and it’s a jet-ski sensitive area; I think something more enclosed than a duct would be an easier sell.

I have no idea of any appropriate places close to Leeds to be honest I’ve never liked the cold!

I hope you go abroad by car.

If not you will have a problem taking your battery with you.

My grandparents live in Scotland and last year I wanted to take my inflatable efoil with my (by plain).

The efoil was not a problem however the 2kw battery was.

Fortunately I have safe storage at both ends for big batteries, my house has 10kWh of storage and I can go by car to the other end.

Not unfamiliar with lipo’s going bad. I think after the first time you get alot more prudent with both them and lion.

It’s just that a jet impeller screams where a propeller is barely heard even by the rider, in this regard propeller drive is better. I think using a blunt propeller is overall the best option.

Or do a loop prop without any cutting edge at all :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I’ve printed some toroidal props for my 250 drone on the form 3 and was quite impressed!

I would guess a nicely tuned direct drive is pretty silent

Yes, the small dribble from the mast piercing the water is the loudest sound when i ride - and i love that!

No need for a duct as demonstrated here: Testing a TOROIDAL propeller UNDERWATER - YouTube

'Toroidal Propellors - #99 by SoEFoil

Been reading some of the stuff here, awesome knowledge and I’m already blown away by some of the builds.

Hi, I’m based in lincoln which isn’t too far away, I mainly foil on the Lincolnshire coast anywhere from the Humber to the Wash.

Here’s the workshop in need of some tidy up!

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Nice Ferrari

20 char

I like the drone more :slight_smile:

It’s a where’s Waldo of mess!

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Tried a little shaping on the computer last night. I think a simple flat bottom is probably best. This works out at 85L which might be too small. It’s also every so slightly wider towards the front and I wanted a large sloped back.

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