Introduction thread

Hi everyone, I’m Hdip. I am a prone foiler in the Malibu/Oxtura area.

Currently riding an AXIS 900 or 760 front wing. I’ll try to be reading the forums regularly to get a handle on how this group works. I love answering questions from newbies. It’s the one thing I have any expertise on as I’ve gone through that not to long ago.


I can vouch for Hdip’s advice. He saw me out at a break on my first few tries and ID’d me from another forum and has helped me every step of the way.

I’m a SUP and Wing foiler (about to start Prone!) in the same area (Malibu/Ventura Co.)

I’ve been foiling for 6 months but don’t get a ton of time on water (1-2 sessions per week, average 1.)

I ride a set of DIY SUP and prone boards with a Gong setup. I have Rise XL, and Curve/Pro M wings with a Curve L-T on the way to split the difference between my wings.

I build my own stuff. Hack anything I can and am happy to share my knowledge. I am willing to try anything (for better or worse) love DIY, and am patiently living through my kook-dom happily and safely much to the amusement of Hdip and the other guys I foil with.

Fully Foil Brained.

I 3 can vouch for Hd1p…hes also the best craigslist finder…found my first GoFoil and 2 others for me…listened to all the podcasts…so whenever i have a question about foiling i ask Hd1p!:laughing:


Oh and that’s Steamroller. A staggeringly good SUP and Prone Foiler who rides all over SoCal (but we are lucky to have him around us up North a lot.)

I can’t remember, I think he rides some foil that starts with a G… ? What is it? Anyway, I’m sure at some point he will mention it. :rofl:

Steamroller, intro yourself!

Hey, I mostly sup foil at either San O or south las angeles. Still very new to surfing in general. Want to try prone surf again. Where do you guys go in Malibu? Looking really small this weekend down at seal.

Welcome Valhalla! Hope to meet you in the water sometime. Hit me up if you come North. It’s pretty small all over this weekend looks like. South may be better. Looks like a lake up here.

Hi everybody i got another foilsurf video but cant post in the video thread…no more than 3 consecutive replies allowed…gotta wait till someone else posts there again…so it going here!..

Secret Spot Foilsurf :grinning:!


South OC prone foiler (San O, Doho) mostly on UNI Hyper 210, but also ride MFC Hydros and Signature foils.


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does doho break in the wintertime with the north swells or is it only a south swell spot?..i would like to surf with you

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Doho is pretty much a south only spot and only on a less than 1ft tide. I need to make a trip up to SBJ and join you and the LAFC!

Welcome Mike! I love that Dana area.

Hi, I am from the esk8 community and into e-foils since I have watched the weapon-case e-foil by @superlefax By any chance is someone living close to me (Würzburg or Aschaffenburg, Germany)
who would let me try e-foiling before I build one?

And is the weapon case foil suitable as a first build and what other basics do I need to know compared to esk8s(waterproofing etc.)?

Happy Eastern, Jonas :slight_smile:

Hi I’m new here. Wondered from some other platform and it looks like there’s some good action over here.

Originally from SCal area, moved to Maui 2011. Lucked into being in the right place/right time/around the right foil people. I saw the birth of modern day foiling a few years ago with Dave Kalama learning on a SUP foil from Go Foil out off Maui’s north shore. It blossomed from just a few in a tight crew back then, to most spots now have foilers out.

Fast forward to the introduction of the wing, and things are really taking off here. More people are getting into the sport now (wing foil) than I’ve ever seen before with just the surf foiling. Kids, moms, dads, gramps and grandma. It’s nuts. But it’s a natural fit for Maui, we have wind just about every day.

Currently I’m winging almost every day, don’t surf foil much anymore. Seeking new zones to wing all the time, doing up wind runs and downwinders are fun, and I’d really like to explore some south swell spots this summer that are uncharted off of south Maui.

I ride Go Foil, Kalama foil boards, BRM (Board Riding Maui) wings, and just got another KT wing board. I have early access to all of Go Foils new gear, have been using the NL series for winging that works very good. There’s new stuff in the works that should be in production in the next month or 2.

LMK if you have any questions about visiting Maui, wing or foil gear, I’d be happy to help.


Looking forward to a Maui trip once again sometime in … future. Paradise on earth for wind n wave chasers.

Will look you up for sure when we next get there. And if you happen to be on Vancouver Island, likewise eh. Because I sure you’re looking forward to 5mm wetsuits, hood, booties, and gloves. :slight_smile: