IPS drive for better efficiency


I recently came across the idea of the propeller, pulling instead of pushing a boat. Volvos IPS Drive is most famous for this concept on boats. My understanding is that it would be less turbulence in the water for the propeller, because the propeller is in the front, and you would gain efficiency.

Has anyone thought of mounting the motor in a 180° position, so the motor would stick out in front of the mast instead of behind the mast. I believe the propeller would need to be mirrored to do this. Shouldn’t be any problem with a 3D printed propeller.

The con for doing this is mostly vulnerability of the propeller when it comes to boats in general. For hydrofoils, it looks like a feasible concept.


A lot more dangerous if you fall in front of the foil and way more props would get trashed. There’s a marginal efficiency gain but not worth it. Some have already tried it.

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The manta 5 hydrofoil bike does this. Downsides for a foil board are probably not worth it.