Is 45c battery too much?

Hi there,

I am building my first efoil and am looking to select a battery that will work for the build. I am looking to connect two 6s 10000mah batteries in series, and they will power the Flipsky 65161 motor (with a 300a ESC - watercooled). My local hobby shop has some available, but they have a C rating of 45C. Is this too much? I’m not totally sure what this indicates, and the hobby shop owner told me that this could cause a buildup of heat.

Any help is appreciated!


C rating is the maximum allowed discharge current of the battery. C = Maximum discharge current/Battery capacity.

There is noting bad about a high C number, however beware chinese manufacturers often do not fulfill the specification.

Higher C actually gives lower heating for the same current so i wonder what the shop owner was on about.

Thank you guys for the help!

The way i see lipo rating ( as far as I tested) just to be safe:
You take the number written on the lipo :C rating /2
You are supposed to live around 20% in the lipo at the end
So for exemple with 10 000mah (10A) rated at 40C
10 x 0.20. X. 40/2= 40A
This battery will probably handle a constant 40A discharge rate all the way to the end without any problem ( heat, swelling …)

Depending on quality brand … it can be a lot higher or not :triumph:

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That’s some weird magic in your post?

10Ah 40c would be 400A capable if the manufacturer was honest. Since they’re not i agree that the C-rating should be halved so the battery is capable of 200A peak but the 0.2 factor seems overly strict? I’f i really needed 200A fully continuous (and 100% full throttle use rarely happens) then i’d halve the c-rating again to 10C and do two of those packs in parallel for 200A.