Is my flier 400a ESC fried?

Hello all,

During my last test on the water, my set up (80100motor) suddenly stopped working. After some investigation, it turned out that half of one of the phase wires broke off so only half of it remained connected. This caused some windings to slightly blew out of the epoxy. However, the ESC was fine, it kept beeping annoyingly but it was working.

Today, I wanted to see if these windings would affect the motor and if it would work anyway. So I resolder the phase wires that was half disconnected and I plugged everything together. The esc started beeping the usual way but the motor wouldn’t turn (I expected that). At that point, I figured I would try to disconnect the power and reconnect to see if it would work. As I was trying to give some throttle, the battery wires connected to the ESC moved like a big current went through them. After that, the ESC didnt beep and the motor still wouldn’t turn. I was thinking that something short circuited but I wasn’t sure what. Anyway, I disconnected everything and I tried to connect the ESC to my computer with the USB cable and it didn’t work. It gave me a note I’ve never seen. Then, I plugged the ESC back on with the battery pack and plugged the USB back in my computer and it worked. I could play with the parameters and write on it. I’m not sure what to think of all of this.
Key points/questions:

  1. 99% sure the motor is done
  2. Was the movement of the battery cables from the motor short-circuiting or the esc?
  3. Is my ESC not beeping because the motor is dead or because the ESC fried?
  4. Why can I only write a new program on my ESC when the power is connected while the right way to do it is when everything is disconnected?

I hope I described the situation clearly. Let me know what you guys think. Thank you

Thats interesting. The motor will be fried if it is stiff to turn by hand. But even if the motor is fried the beeps will still sound… Maybe the ESC is broken. Although I’ve fried 2 80100’s and had a phase wire come loose with my Flier 400 and it didn’t break it, so it still might be fine.

Does the motor twitch when you apply throttle?

Do you have another motor you could test with?

Nothing happens… No twitching no sound nothing. The motor is a little stiff but not that stiff. However, I can see some stuff sticking out of the epoxy with a golden color. Unfortunately, I do not have another motor to test it with! I’m concerned because it was beeping but then the cables moved roughly for a snap of a second then nothing!

Had a flier 300 that I could make work on USB, turn on , making sound as usual. It was frying every motor I tried to spin.
it happened after taking some water…

Thats unlucky, may have somehow killed it…The CPU part is likely ok but a gate driver or mosfet might be damaged :frowning:

You should try testing out Flier’s customer support, did you buy it directly off them on Aliexpress? The ESC shouldn’t fry because of a phase wire disconnecting.

I bought on eBay so that should give me more protection and I’m still under the warranty period. I’ll reach out to them!

Hi vic

I damaged my Flier ESC, did you get feedback from support? Details!

Yes, I reached out to flier and they told me to ship the ESC back to them in China so they can fix it. I had to pay for shipping which was like 35$! However, it’s been 2 months since I shipped out and the ESC is still stuck somewhere in Shanghai (customs). I reached out to them and apparently they called the border to expedite the process but still no progress yet. Their customer service is very responsive by email. It seems like I just had a bad shipping experience lol.