Is the shaft turning on this outrunner?

I yesterday ordered a C80100 Outrunner brushless motor 50KV 6000W

I didn’t want an outrunner. Quite stupid to do so, because this property is not hidden at all. But is was after looking for hours on the web for motors and comparing a real lot of Motors, data and features. So at the end I was a bit confused.

Without knowledge and experience with this kind of motors I’m not sure if the motor shaft ist rotating with the hull of the motor. Please tell me. Thank you.

Gruß, Günter

yes absolutely, it’s good, the engine shell is spinning!

Thank you Philippe,
it was quite clear to me that the engine shell spinns, but if one thinks at a hub motor for bicycles (also an outrunner) the shaft is not spinning. That is why I asked.

Hope that helps:

Thank you, Mike! That is what I thought, but wasn’t sure about.