Is this 48v Samsung 18650 700wh(14.5a) pack suitable for my first build?

I was thinking of getting 2 of these packs to make a 30a pack. Rated at 2C discharge so 60a max. is that good enough for efoil usage? They are only $100 each so 2 are $200.
I think they only ship in USA.
BMZ Samsung 48v 13s7p 704wh module with 15s BMS – Battery Hookup

Something isn’t quite right here. The Samsung 22p is rated for a max continuous of 10amps, so at 14p (two of these batteries in parallel) this pack should be good for 140amps. The price is too low and the BMS setup looks and sounds odd in their description.

With that said, they are cheap enough that it miiiight be worth the gamble. I would love to see you purchase them and find out that they are actual Samsung cells and work great if you bypass the BMS for discharging. You are going to have to do some work to get these up to snuff if there are quality cells in the pack. I would start with soldering in heavier gauge leads and double checking the thickness of the nickel.

Do you have the experience and skills to evaluate the quality of the components and the pack build to modify as necessary? Also, it will probably take a lot of careful monitoring at first of the sag and balance. If you are not up to the extra work, then you probably bought a fire hazard. You are going to have to pay one way or another.

yes if one read the description the BMS is what is limiting the current to 2c discharge. and they are used so of course the price is cheap… battery hookup doesnt’ sell fake cells

I’m not battery expert, but I can buy a Daly BMS and add thicker wire/nickle to make it work.