Is this a good platform to start?

Hi all,
I’m new to foiling but not new to board sports. Really keen start an efoil build.
I came across this setup, just wondering if it looks to be a good base to start with? Looks to be a nice size board but the foils don’t seem to be that common?



For your first one you’d be better off chopping into something alot cheaper!


I guess I’m more thinking the cost is in the foil and as a package it looks pretty reasonable.

I was thinking of going with the flipsky 65161 motor, a decent controller and 14s 12p NCR18650BD.
Still very much researching the options out there!

Also I have a few other projects that need some time so this might be nice as a surf / wing platform until I have time to electrify it :slight_smile:

Thanks, Mike.