Is this battery a valid solution for Efoil or will I burn?

Hello efoilers.
After that I bought flipcky motor and esc and VX2 controller it came the time for the battery. I am not any expert on building it so i was trying to find a ready solution at least to start and be able to make my tests. I fould this battery on e bay as new… Can you write me what do you think? thank you in advance for your asnwers

How is this pack rated? What is max current it can deliver?

Not to use for Efoil , nearly good enough for escooter , not 28000 but more 6000mah
And it can probably discharge at max 28A

But you can do some test in the air , not in water and for flying maybe 5-6 of them at least

I was thinking to make my Test with this and if starts burning at least i will not destroy a good one… How can i find out which is the max current that delivers?? Sorry for the stupid question…

Not a good battery to use for efoil. Slim picking for a ready to use solution. Maybe 2 16000mah-20000mah 6s hobbyking batteries and a hobby charger.

Max current … hard to tell : if the wires , solders will melt or burn before the actually battery capacity

But most of the time you get what you pay for so , knowing the battery size cell 18650 : 18mm diameter and 650 long , this pack is 48v so 13 cells in series ( 3,7x13)
Looking at it , probably like 40mm so 2 cells on each other : 13s2p
Most cells ( cheap ) have 2500-3400mah and with luck like 10A discharge
So 20A ( 2p) , may be 28A like written , but you can not try to fly with that , wires , plug , nickel strip will burn
It will go to nothing or a nice fire , just be ready in case you try

Ok I think it was enough to convince me!!! Thanks all of you for your answers

I was looking at those packs since I got etrott for Christmas
Most of them are made for this application and controller are set to 15A max ( which I get with a nice voltage drop …)

If the battery pack is well made , there is a bms with a fuse , and 20A is the most found ( Check on mine)