ISDT X16 1100W 20A 2-16S AC/DC Dual Channel AC Smart Charger

Looks like a great efoil charger. Anyone have one yet? Around $630, but $430 at pyrodrone for some reason. Up to 1800w charging if you combine the two channels.

Here is the manual:

Max. charging power:
1100W ×2(@220V AC)
800W x2(@110V AC)

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This one might work as well for 12-16s if you have a big DC supply. But from reviews looks questionable

ISDT CM1620 1100W 20A Charge Module

I got a ISDT X16 ordered to try out, I’ll report back in a week or two with results

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On, available ‏on : ‎ 30th July 2020

A little review and mods I did to make it work for me:

Made a couple cables with Amphenol connectors here that were cheap on
10132445-18LF -
10132447-111PLF -

Connected them to some female 6s jst-xh connectors I use for charging

Works well and with 2 I can charge both sides of my 6s at 20A each. Which is about what my 406Duo could do with a 60A 12v supply (my 1/2 of my 24v supply died, so input current is limited at 12v)

Really like that is is self contained in one package and I can toss it along.

I made a 240V cable for it since the charger total wattage is limited at 120V (1400W instead of 2200W). With one of these

And cut off the end and put this on an end like this (bought those but found another end at home before they arrived):

In picture: Unbalanced Charge of 14s battery finished at 20A (still working on that BMS design) and 1/2 6s pack.

In parallel charge mode it maxes out at 1800W at 240V or about 35A for my 42AH 14s pack, but normally I’d charge at 20A (~.5C) just to be nice to the battery if I have time.

Suppose to have bluetooth, to monitor remotely, but not in there yet. Had to plug into the computer to update it after I got it. I’d recommend updating it as soon as you get it. Seems like it has some potential to be much better in the future, but good enough for what I need for now.

I’ve used it a few times to charge a 10s scooter with BMS, seems to work well for that. I also plan on making a cable for my onewheel to charge that (15s?) Then I’ll have a lot less chargers to haul around.

I have an Isdt x16 and i try to build my own balancer cable for a 5s.
Do you have the connector pinout please?
Thanks for your help,

It is written on the charger housing.

Hi everyone…

I stumbled across this site looking for more info on the ISDT X16… I want to use it for testing cells/modules for EV conversions we are doing.

As many of you know, the instructions are a bit…uh…lacking. Just checking in as I have a few questions that hopefully you can help with before I try connecting some EV modules and blow this thing up…

Few questions…

  1. Did it automatically select 110V/220V when you plugged it into 220V? I see it as a selection in the main setup menu which then made me wonder if you need to select the right voltage before plugging it into 220V…just don’t want to fry the thing.

  2. Is there a setting somewhere for parallel mode or a wiring diagram? Would love to get the full 35A out which is a 1/2C charge rate for my 70Ah cells…

  3. Is the bluetooth working yet? I checked the firmware and it said it was current (through the laptop connection) but didn’t see any bluetooth settings yet in the menus…

  4. Do you know if the device supports any kind of data logging either through a PC connection or the iOS app (if the bluetooth is working)?

Thanks for any insights. It looks like a great charger and device for our conversion application, but I just wish the instructions would be a little bit better.


I haven’t update firmware in awhile so some of this could have changed.

I selected 110 or 220V. I have both in my shop so I typically charge at 220V to get the max power. If I leave it at 110 and hook to 220 then it just charges at the lower power.

For parallel charging it is just 2 plugs in the X16 going into one plug on the battery. It charges my 14s battery at max of 35Amp then. Toward the end of charge as the voltage comes up it hits the max power rating and starts decreasing amps (before the CV part of the charge process).

Haven’t messed with bluetooth.

Hadn’t done any logging.

Thanks a LOT for the reply. Really appreciate it.

When you parallel the channels and connect your 14s pack, are you using the monitoring connector (cell voltage sense connector) on just one channel, or do you have to connect to both? I assume you only need a single connector going into port 1, but just making sure I don’t need to parallel the cell voltage sense lines to both channels…

Thanks again!

I’m not balancing with that pack with the X16 currently. I have a BMS I designed that I’m using externally, haven’t mounted it inside the pack yet. But I do periodic balancing with that.

I would think you would just need one set of cell balancing connections, but I haven’t tried that yet.

Ok…thanks again. I will try tonight and report back…

Anybody know the part number for the balancing connector pins/sockets? I just went to hook up our 16S module to it and realized the cable included only was wired up to 12S.

There is a molex part that works or Amphenol

I had gotten that Amphenol awhile back because they were cheaper, not sure what is cheaper now.

Here is what I ordered from


Also had that toward the beginning of the post:
Made a couple cables with Amphenol connectors here that were cheap on
10132445-18LF -
10132447-111PLF -

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Thank you so much! Really helps a lot and I actually didn’t know about Arrow… Great site!

I also made up and got a bunch of connectors to convert to xt connectors.

Here is one I had set up to charge 4s and 6s batteries.

Also used one to charge my split pack 12s efoil battery as a 12s battery. I had been charging with a hobby charger as 2 6s packs, but this is easier.