Issue with flipsky propeller and 65161 motor (impossible to get out propeller)


first trial of my DIY efoil (flipsky 65161 motor with flipsky white propeller, shaft threaded 12mm), and after 30 min, no more propulsion, the motor was spinning, the propeller was no longer spinning.
I decide to disassemble the propeller on the way home, I remove the bolt, but I can’t get the propeller out. The pin that allows the propeller to turn seems to have entered the propeller, and is blocking the propeller’s exit. Strangely I can turn the propeller in a vacuum without dragging the motor shaft, but impossible to get this propeller out :(.
has this ever happened to anyone? do you have any idea how to get the propeller out?




unfortunatly I cant help you with your problem cause yesterday I ordered the flipsky 65161 motor 100 kV. What do you thing about it, how fast can you go? I assume you tested yours, and could you provide how did you manage to fix motor to mast (is it 3d printed, if it is could you share stl files)

Regards Luka

Hey Nicholas,

So the propeller is able to turn without the rotor?
Basically this propeller isn’t really useful in efoil application. So you could even cut it to be able to remove it from the shaft. Just be careful not to cut into the shaft.

Another possibility, if you want to save the prop, would be to use heat. The shaft is made from stainless steel and the propeller is made from aluminium. You could try to cool the motor including shaft and heat the propeller with a heat gun.

And the right tool I guess would be such an extractor:

Hi; thanks a lot tosh.jah, I finally drilled the propeller to cut it, very long but it worked

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I’m using that prop/motor but I trimmed 1/2” (approximately) off all the pedals so the diameter is 1” smaller. Works well for me. I think that prop is way too big for this application- perhaps that’s why it over torqued and failed

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