Issue with Jetsurf Build using Flier 400A ESC on 12s

So I have some issues with my jetsurf build. I use two 70mm thrusters with sss56123 500kv motor and two of the 400a 22s flier ESC. Now they somehow work when i‘m using them directly on 6s for testing, however for riding i use 2x 6s 22‘000mah lipo‘s connected in series giving me 12s. Whenever i plug it to the 12s pack now the esc‘s don‘t work… They stutter and only work very limited/slow for 1s than they stop and beep (than they work again for 1s slowly, same thing continuously…)… No idea what causes this issue, maybe settings?
Would be super happy if some of you would no a hint or could help…
Thanks a lot and enjoy your friday!

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Did you try changing the settings in the Flier ESC’s to 12S?

yes but didn‘t really help, didn‘t make a difference as far as i can tell :confused:

To send the ESC, you must include the + 5v, I had problems with Maytech receiver and ESC Flier, until after what the manual said about not connecting, I included the + 5V signal

I do not know if you use Maytech command, you must configure the poles of the motor in pairs, that is, 6 poles you must put 3, 8 poles you must put 4, and the timing I have it at 0, if you want us to indicate something else, be more precise and say you have besides the flier 400

Yes sorry, i‘m using the flipsky vx3 with an external 5v ubec (powered over a seperate 4s lipo), just thought it has to be a ESC issue since it only happens when i increase voltage…

Try setting the LVC cutoff voltage lower. I have it set to 3 volts (I think default is 3.4 volt)
The option is under the [tab] battery.

Both ESC’s show the same issue?
I also have two of these Fliers, I assume the are set in parallel connection to the same receiver output so they both might have gone into programming mode, I had this issue as well in the past and I had to take them to my laptop and reset them, I don’t know why they do this but it happened quite a few times, usually used to happen when I didn’t push the throttle immediately after the beep.
Edit: Both myself and Kian are obsessed with jetboards so you might wanna share a video of your board here :slight_smile:

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