Issues with Maytech MTS2009AS 300A 85V Anti-spark Switch

Hey, we have had major issues with this switch. We have four on our desk that are completely dead. We have reached out to Maytech, but they don’t want to know about it.

We think there may be an issue with the switches switching under load.

Has anyone else had problems?

Can anyone recommend a better switch?

Are you using them when you run the motorwizzard on vesc tool?
I found out that the motor recognition securely kills a antispark switch

No VESC tool, running Maytech ESC and Motor.

Cheapest and most reliable solution is an AS150 connector. A forklift relay (contactor) also works but it is rather heavy and you need an antispark circuit to avoid the contacts to spotweld together when you switch it on.
I use this one (12V coil), works fine for two years now.
US $12.65 20% Off | SW80 12V 24V 36V 48V 60V 72V 100A NO style DC Contactor ZJW100A for motor forklift electromobile grab wehicle car winch

Coil usese around 10W@12V

This one should consume less hold current as it has a built in function to reduce the current once switched on:
US $29.65 | Original authentic relay EV200AAANA 1618002-7

You would need to pre-charge the caps of the esc with a resitor before switching on the relay.
Switching it of under load can destroy the ESC.

Cheapest version is a 10 ohm resistor.

As a switch? 20 char

You connect 1 pol. The second one you connect with the resistor for some second and then you connect permanently.

That’s the whole point.

Any safety cut out device must be able to sitch under full load.

The questions is what you want to achive with the switch. If it should act as a kill switch triggered by a lanyard, then it is better to set the esc output to zero throttle. Either cut the pwm signal between the receiver and the esc or use the vesc kill switch feature (requires FW 5.3). This would ramp down the motor. If there is a problem with the (v)esc itself, this will not work.
I have good experiance with a custom receiver that sets the throttle signal to zero when a magnetic plug is pulled out.

Any recommendation for a good VESC with this functionality?

Any VESC that runs well with FW5.3 and has the adc pin on a connector should work, see here: Magnet operated kill switch? - #17 by SoEFoil

can you recommeend a relaible VESC that runs 3.5 that is capable of 200A and is water cooled?

I can not really recommend you a specific one, as I run a makerX Hi200 with FW5.1. This one is not watercooled and I run it at max 160A phase current, passively cooled on a heat sink. There is a new one from them that should be able to deliver 200A as it is marketed @300A, but you would have to add watercooling yourself. This is not complicated, just put two watercooling blocks like these below the case: US $2.07 15% Off | Universal 40mm*40mm/80mm/120mm/200mm Water Cooling Heatsink Block Waterblock Liquid Cooler For PC CPU GPU SB North Bridge-Screws

There is also a watercooled 75200 version from firduo. A200sv4 from team triforce UK should also be capable to deliver 200A. And there is still the original 75300 from trampa, to which you can also add watercooling.

All of the above VESCs can run FW5.3, the question is how stable they run with a certain motor and how long it takes to tweak the parameters.

Thank you.

I have just had a look at the MakerX site. I like this;

You cannot beat crimped and bolted connections!

Has MakerX got a good reputation?