Jet-Surf from Ukraine

Hi everyone! My name is Max, and I build my first jet-surf with my friend Bogdan.
We are from Kiev, and there is no sea and waves, so we decides to come this way.
We started in April and we have only 2-3 days (1-2 hours each time) a week.
Sorry for some grammar mistakes)

1st step: gluing the blank

2nd step: shaping

3rd step: printing jet


Looking good! Keep us updated.
What engine will you use?

its SSS 56104 500kv____________

What is your impeller diameter? Pitch looks very high.

its 65 mm____________________

Hi Maksym! it looks great, did u designed the jet unit by yourself? or you find the .stl on internet?
I’m asking because im tryind to start the same project as u… and later step on an efoil… :slight_smile:
thanks, and keep us updated!

Very good. Congragulations. Hope you test them in Odessa or Simferopol at black sea and I watch from Istanbul😊


Парни риспект! Будите в Евпатории может по гоняем на jet surf-e

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Привіт, ми робимо гідрокрила.
Давайте зв’яжемось, поспілкуємось.

Can you please tipe in English?

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we get it somewhere in web, but it was not exactly what we need (we get only general dimensions of blank there).

sure, we can
you can get in touch with me here: Redirecting...


sss 56104/500kv was arrived :airplane::muscle::merman:

for stuffing-box we buy gas shock absorber for furniture:

shaping, shaping, shaping

then we started testing various proportions of hardener and resin :mask::tumbler_glass::mask: :
the best was 100:15 (resin Epoxy-520 & hardener “ПЭПА”)



Looks like you are using a Ben Murphy Pinshape design for the nozzle/duct - I have printed this out, for a project of my own, and think it’s a pretty decent design, except that the intake is too small for the nozzle size - I think the intake needs to be at least 50% bigger otherwise it will restrict the flow through the nozzle, with a corresponding loss in thrust.

Eric (retired aeronautical engineer)


new ESC arrival:

some new photos:

so we saw that’s not for the tall persons as I am(187cm):joy::joy::joy:
floating testing

yet another photos:

I saw you was telling him about that, so we asked to print it with some bigger intake (less than 50%, but better than nothing)

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What happened to this awesome project? Does it work? :slight_smile: