Jezza's Build (slow)

So I have been taking forever to get my build going! I started in April 2017 at the same time Pacificmeister did, but a number of things have got in the way and as a result it is not close to completion yet! I have decided however that I will start documenting it here as well so that some can see what I have done.

I decided to to go a different parts route to what seems to be the standard for the DIY builds.

Battery: 8S - 12S (depending on what config I like and can handle)
Power Meter: Banggood 150A (may leave it off)
ESC: Hobbyking Yep 120A (I know its a gamble, but figure why not if I add better heatsinks)
Motor: SSS 5684 750Kv (capable of a max of 8Kw)
Gearbox: Torqeedo 1008 (Made by Neugart and seems to have a ratio around 8:1)
Board: Old windsurfer (cut and adapted)
Foil Mast: Slingshot Hoverglide (I pulled the plastic inserts out)
Foil Fuselage and Wings: Unifoil Kite Foil (friends have ridden it and loved it and I got a deal)

Here are some pics of the drive unit:

I have sealed the drive unit and tested it (not in water) and all seems good. I now need to shorten the mast a bit (I got the 35 inch one) and laminate the board and compartments (this is holding me up as the UK is not hot enough and I dont have a space to work in). Hopefully I will have finished up in the next month or two


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Nice Work!!!
Hope you’re making progress!

Nice build !!


hello how did you connect the gear with your engine, have the same gear but no idea how I can connect with my sss 800kv.

I designed a 10mm spacer that sits between the gear and motor and connects to it. I then brought down the motor shaft to 6mm so that the pinion would fit.

thanks, you have a few pictures of it


I unfortunately don’t have pictures, but I can show you 3D sketches:



The 4 outside holes are all threaded for M4 so that the gearbox can attach to the spacer…

Thank you but the pinion I did not fit into the gear, where did you get that?

I bought the pinion from the same place I got the gearbox. The part number for the pinion is: 030-00012 in the parts manual:

Intersting way with that torquedo spare part. The price for the gear is ok and it’s in stock:
The problem seems to be the connecting pinion, it seems they changed the design and its now integrated in the rotor:
If the pinion could be machined directly onto the rotor of the SSS motor, it would be quite an elegant and short solution, but not cheap…

if used with 12s, 750 KV, the max output speed would be 50 x 750 / 8 = 4688 idle -> x 0.7 under load =3280 rpm. Not too bad as the max output speed of the 1003 is 1200 rpm:

Any idea on how to connect the Motor without the pinion as a spare part?

The pinion is still available, you just have to contact Torqeedo or a Torqeedo spares partner. I was lucky and found one relatively easily.

And the gear is actually made by Neugart, and is better than the PLE40…

Just contacted their European support center. They answered that parts that are not available in their online shop need to be ordered through their service partners, so I have to find one nearby…

Quite like the torquedo gear as the shaft is part pf the ger, no coupler, thrust bearing integrated. What is the lenght of the output shaft?

I honestly cant remember the length of it (and can’t measure as the housing is now all sealed up), but it is 10mm in width. I should be able to work it out from my drawings when I get a chance…

Hi Koni,
Could you measure the shaft length of the torquedo bearing? Thanks

Sorry, gear not bearibg.