Jsonnett's Latest East Coast Build

This is AWESOME info @Sliman_O! Thanks for the help!

You are right. I wont be hitting 120A. In fact, i revisited my VESC settings and my max battery current is 100A. I am running current control from my remote and RARELY if ever use full throttle. Probably 80% if im trying to get up and going fast and then back off to maybe 50 or 60% throttle while on the foil.

Thanks again. Love the plot and will def check out the vendors you mentioned.

I cant find 30Q cells in stock anywhere online in the US. Looks like most places wont have then back in stock for 2-3 weeks. Anyone know a place to get 96 of these things sooner?

Maybe https://ru.nkon.nl/samsung-inr-18650-30q-3000mah.html
Back in oct for 170 included shipping it was $514 (about $3 a cell)