Junsi iCharger x12

I am considering this unit instead of putting balance bms on each of my packs. I use the flipsky 75200 and will use its cutoff limits for discharge safety limits,

Looking for advice pros and cons or if there is a better similar unit. ISDT makes a 16s but the price is too high.

$45 500W dual charger for two 6s batteries:

Isn`t the Junsi Icharger DC powered? So you need DC power supply?

Apparently but at 25usd for both the power supply AND the charger, it is not so expensive and even cheaper from Nov. 23rd 2023 for the Black Friday Sale…
Output is only 20V 5A though… for 6s. As 6s x 4.2v = 25.2v, could charge in round robin.

The ToolKitRC choice on AE : https://www.aliexpress.us/w/wholesale-ToolkitRC-dual-charger.html

Yes the iCharger x12 needs a dc source whose voltage is not so important as it has built in buck/boost conversion built in. Seems like it has all the features for charging and discharging you could imagine. I see its $222csd on aliexpress on sale.

To use the toolktrc duo 6s I suppose for a 10s or 12s pack you just need to centertap the pack. Does anyone here do that? The x12 although a lot more money might still be the cleanest setup for me.

I have the x12 and got a xt60 to usb-c cable. I use it with my ~96W macbook pro charger.

Have been charging a LiPo with 5 amps. Have not tested more Amps yet.

I have also tried using a smaller iPad charger. Charging worked with 2 amps.


Could get a solar panel if remote :wink:

Afaik this is not an issue, charger will boost the voltage to what’s needed, but of course staying within the delivered 100W power

For the DC charger you can get 2-3 used HP server PSUs and modify them so you can connect them in series. Works really well and you get a quality psu with a good form factor for quite cheap.
(HP DPS-1200FB Power Supply Hack for charging LiPos (12 V / 24 V))

I use 2 Junsi iChargerx8 for some years and they work well, 2A balancing is a plus.

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