Just saw this on Instagram. Do we have even a single lady here?

I’ve gotten a huge response from women who want to try it once I get it running. The girl who assists my dentist (and my dentist volunteered his boat for support) my acupuncturist, a woman I used to date, 2 baristas at the coffee shop - all super excited to try it.

I’m going to need a lot of battery packs.

Lets hope so, but some people are just more gifted than others.

Also, I hail from the esk8 community. I have yet to ride in a group that had even 1 woman. I have put several women on esk8’s but none of them wanted to keep doing it.

But that might be me moreso than the sport :slight_smile:

Maybe we have to start a facebook/instagram campaign showing all the great things we do (electrics, 3d design and printing, board building, etc). And the great accessories we wear half the time while doing this, like fancy glasses, ear protection, dust mask and the free make-up on our face from all the dust.