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Hey everyone I hope to get some help and help others motorize a kayak. My original goal was to be able to motor up a stream then float back to my starting point. Making it so that I don’t need a 2nd car/driver. So I want a healthy mix of speed and run time. Being that it a kayak and has some more storage space and can hold more weight, I think this is doable. Your input would be appreciated what would you do? My budget is $1,000 US

Speed controller?
Gage wire?
Safety/kill switch?
Anything I’m not thinking of?
Any questions for me?

I highly doubt you can do this for less than $1K. Battery alone would probably cost 2/3 of that cost. Also how is the motor/prop going to attach to the kayak? I would probably take a step back and assess a more realistic budget.

Are you sure you want to build something? There are some good kayak motor drives for not too much above your budget.



Take a look at following build thread. APS 6384 100kV motor was successful for following data :

You can certainly hit 20kmh+ just need higher pitch prop and / or higher voltage battery. If you are willing to spend hours on this you’ll be just fine. As of the battery, I would recommend something like @Flightjunkie did. I made a variant of this too :wink:

I’d get a 6384 motor with 120-130kV.

As for the battery, depends on what you are looking for. LiPo / Liion, etc

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I think I could build something faster and I think the build will be part of the fun.

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This guy on youtube is working on something similar