KOKAM SLPB120216216 cells // 53Ah // Imax 265A per cell // 17 pieces


I am selling the KOKAM cells SLPB120216216.
Each cell has 53Ah and can drop 265A and short time over 400A.
Actually the pack is a 14S1P configuration.
I have used them with an EMUS BMS and a ZIVAN charger.
Everything with Bluetooth and so on.
Theses cells are really hard to buy as a private person.
Bought in Germany in 2018.
Runs on the cells 18 times - so more or less completely new.

I am also selling my Headway LiNANO® 12 Ah 3,2V 10C Headway 38140SE, bought in Germany @lipopower.
It is actually a 17S3P configuration and in sum I have 64 cells for a 16S4P configuration.
Theses cells only have 6 runs.
There can be treated really hard (hard cells).
The cells have been used with the same EMUS system and come with the connectors, the orange blocks (they can be clicked together).

If anyone is interested, please PM me.

Location Germany or Switzerland.

Bye Fabian

These seem exotic. Would you have any pictures + dimensions ?

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Here look for the 53Ah cell. More pictures later…
Also from the Headways

Here you get some more pics and data:

sorry, a little chaos in the upload.
The blue ones are the Headway, the flat ones the Kokams :wink:
You will also find the specs…
Enclosed the actual look of the Kokams. It is a splitted pack, 14S1P with connectors and BMS installed….no cheap stuff - you can check EMUS.

Update with price
Headway with connectors and the orange Blocks
450 Euros, price new for the cells without connectors 1100 Euros, with all was 1280 Euros.

Hi Fabian,
You are first person on this forum that I have seen use HEADWAY’s for efoil battery pak. How did they perform? I bought 17 of these a couple months ago and was contemplating a build using 17S1P to operate a direct drive mid mast for the sole purpose of getting me up on the board for foil surfing. Thus, these high AMP batteries would only be used for short bursts, not continuous operation.


I only need 4 of your KOKAM cells SLPB120216216. Can you sell and ship to San Diego, California?


I have 3 left…still interesting for you