Kotaro Horiuchi - Locus of a boat designer book 1

Apologies if the category is wrong, or vague.
I’m sure most of you will have heard of Kotaro Horiuchi, the legendary Japanese boat and hydrofoil designer. His second book, Locus of a boat designer 2, is readily available in English, but not the first one. I found some forum discussion from several years ago about translating book 1 and potentially a kickstarter/indiegogo campaign to fund the effort. I would love to read it. Does anyone know if it was ever released?

Hi, it’s admirable that you care. You’re probably working out some hydrodynamic issues before you start construction. Here on the forum you can ask all the questions you want, some of which I’m sure no books will answer. There are not only theoreticians here, but mostly successful practitioners. Practical experience is probably the most important information for successful construction.

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