Lack of power - only 20% possible

I bought a self-build kit for an Efoil Assist (replica Foildrive). I have to put it together and program it myself.
I was provided with two files for programming. One for the motor and one for the remote control.
The engine is now running, yeah.
But I can’t get past 20% performance.
To be more precise: it starts at around 20% and then stays there.
The fact that the motor only starts at 20% is specified in the remote control. So that’s clear to me.
But it’s unclear to me why more performance can’t be achieved.
The remote control is calibrated. That can not be it.

I suspect it could be a setting in the VESC programming. But I don’t know which one.
Since I ordered the complete set as a DIY kit, I don’t know the name for the ESC. So I don’t know what values ​​I could change.
(But maybe someone knows this ESC, see photo.)

I show a few screenshots of the current data in the following photos.

I would be very grateful for tips and ideas. Thank you so much.

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Did you run the input setup? I highly encourage you to watch this video by @ludwig_bre.

Is the 20% value you state occurring when the motor is in the water with prop on and your riding it, or just on a bench spinning?

Thank you for the link!

Yes, I did the setup.

I didn´t try the motor in the water yet. Just spinning on the bench.

And without the screwblades.

I’m not expert on this and am not familiar with your particular setup so take this for what it’s worth.:grinning:

I’m also not sure where you are getting the 20% value from?

When I configured my system I ran the VESC tools setup wizard and at the end of that process I could get motor shaft to spin when I pulled the throttle on my remote. It seemed
odd that it was either on or off with no ramp up or down in rotational speed.

I subsequently found out that without any load on the motor this was “normal” behaviour when the motor was not under load.

I then did a water tank test and found I had more control with the thotttle.

When I first attempted to foil I found I did not have enough “power” to get the board moving fast enough to foil.

This was remedied by making a few adjustments in Vesc tools.

My point being perhaps you don’t really have a problem. :wink:

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Thank you for the advice. Yes, the motor looks like this.

I should give it a try under water.

The 20% is, what I see on the remote.

My fear is that the current maximum thrust for foiling will not be enough either. What changes have you made to the programming of the VESC?

Thank you.

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Dear rttn,

thanks a lot !!!

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My advice would be to contact the company you bought this from and get their guidance.

It’s unusual that a vendor would supply setup files. Perhaps they have made all of the optimal changes and when you load them to the vesc you are ready to go. Running the “normal” setup wizard might change some of those values.

Every Vesc has design limits that should not be exceeded or damage can occur. Using my settings likely wouldn’t be optimal for you and worse might damage your equipment.

Current Control…

Screenshots from the first post, are showing that he is using “Current Control”.

That behaviour is normal without any load on the motor.

Try to apply load on the motor, and then it will work fine.
Or use “Duty Cycle” instead.

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Dear Foilguy,

yes, I should do that.


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Dear Thorlex,

thank you for your advice.

Yes, I should try it with load and I will see, what will happens. And than mybe again with “Duty cycle”.

Thank you very much.

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I would get some answers from them before you do any more testing.

If somehow you NOW have something set above an acceptable limit for your vesc you might damage when you use it under load.

Get it in the water in current mode and I suspect it will scare you :wink: Spinning under no load conditions is really only to see it spins but nothing about actual power at all.

Thank you very much for your advice.

I will do both and will see, what happen.

Best regards

So what did the vendor say about just loading the two files. Do they contain all the optimal settings and there is no need to run vesctools motor wizard??

The seller told me that the engine has a speed limiter. It shows better performance under load. I was able to test this for the first time today in a bucket of water. And it’s true. I got to just over 50%. I hope there will be more when I get on it for the first time.

Happy to hear that but doesn’t answer my question :grinning:

From what I understand you bought a “kit” that came with the requirement to “load” two files to the vesc.

IF those files containing settings defined by the vendor to provide the end user with an optimal performing efoil then there wouldn’t be any need for the end user to change anything inside vesctools and in fact probably shouldn’t.

Others might come along with the same issue so if you can document what you are supposed to do and NOT do that might help someone else.